Concierge Services

Fayette Executive Health Services is a Membership Based Program, in which patients pay a membership fee in return for enhanced services that are not covered by their insurance plan.

In this new model of healthcare, your physician can reduce the number of patients they see per day allowing them to practice medicine the way they were taught i.e. spending more, quality time with each patient.

As a result of your membership, your physician will now have the time to design a personalized wellness plan that emphasizes early detection of disease, preventative care regimens, and patient education and have the time you desire to address all of your health care concerns.

concierge services


There are many conveniences to participating in this kind of practice, but most importantly, you will have a personal relationship with your OWN doctor.   Your physician will know you well, and as a result, the quality of your care will be significantly enhanced.   Additional benefits may include:

  • After hours direct communication
  • Expedited appointment scheduling
  • Extended routine visits
  • Minimal wait in the waiting room
  • Expanded analysis of annual exam including an in-depth health risk assessment
  • A physician guided wellness plan
  • Individualized treatment strategies
  • Referral coordination with specialists
  • A family plan that may include your dependent children (up to age 26 for no additional charge)